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Perimeter of Rhomboid

>Perimeter of Rhomboid - illustration

To calculate the perimeter of a rhomboid we need to know a length of all its sides. A rhomboid has two opposites sides with same length so you can know only the length of its adjacent sides. It is similar like a rectangle. If rhomboid´s adjacent sides are same (it means all sides are same), it is a rhombus. The perimeter of a rhomboid is a phrase which means a total sum of all sides length. For example a length of a fence around a rhomboidal garden. The elementary unit is one metre (1 m).

Perimeter of Rhomboid - formula

Perimeter of Rhomboid = 2 × (side length a + side length b)

P = 2 × (a + b), where a ≠ b

Perimeter of Rhomboid - calculator

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