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Surface Area of Cuboid

Surface Area of Cuboid - illustration

To calculate the surface area of a cuboid, we need to know a length of all of its three edges. If we look at a formula of the surface area of a cuboid, we can see a calculation of the area of its each face sides in brackets. And because each of them is in a cuboid twice, the bracket is multiplied twice too. A knowledge of this formula is useful to calculate how much paint or material we need to paint or tile a room. The elementary unit of the surface area is one square metre, it means the second power of one metre (1 m2).

Surface Area of Cuboid - formula

Surface Area of Cuboid
= 2 × (side length l × side length w + side length l × side length h + side length w × side length h)

S = 2 × (l × w + l × h + w × h)

Surface Area of Cuboid - calculator

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