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Volume of Cone

Volume of Cone - illustration

To calculate the volume of a cone we need to know its diameter or radius, the pi number and its height. The volume of a cone means an amount of a space which a cone infills. For example, you can use this space to storage anything you want into a cone barrel or a cone can. The elementary unit of a volume is one cubic metre, it means the third power of one metre (1 m3).

Volume of Cone - formula

Volume of Cone = 1/12 × Ludolph's number × diameter2 × height of cone
Volume of Cone = 1/3 × Ludolph's number × radius2 × height of cone

V = 1/12 × (π × d2 × h) = 1/3 × (π × r2 × h)

Volume of Cone - calculator

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