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Mobile Applications

We develop mainly educational applications for mobile tutoring. You can use them on your mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices and use browsers extensions on your desktops. Below each application are relevant badges for downloading. So choose what is the best for you.

Applications are designated to own learning or entertainment at your mobile devices. Their using is simple for everyone. In educational apps, you can calculate some examples or do exercising, it is up to you. There are also some applications for fun or for your daily needs.

Next, choose the app you want to try from the followings:

2D & 3D Calc

2D & 3D Calc

This app is a mobile calculator to calculate areas and circumferences of shapes and to calculate volumes and surface areas of solids. Choose a calculation units from SI or imperial options. Each shape and solid has own illustration and counting formula. After calculation, the calculation progress is shown.

Web version of 2D & 3D Calc

BMI Caclulator

BMI Calculator

The BMI is an app for everybody who wants to know how good is his health. If you know your weight and your height, fill those information into the app and it will count your Body Mass Index. Bellow the result is a well-arranged table of all weight cathegories. Are you so slim or overweight?

Web version of BMI Caclulator

Fuel Consumption

Fuel Consumption

Do you have a vehicle and do not know your average consumption? Use this app! Fill in your distance in kilometres or miles and the amount of your last refueling in litres or gallons. The app calculate an average consumption of the filled distance. It can also count the price per one kilometre or mile.

Web version of Fuel Consumption

Second Click

Second Click

Need a rest? Play the Second Click! Very easy and entertaining game for one player. You can choose from 5 time length levels. What to do? Click at the central circle as fast as you can. After time runs out, the speed of your clicking will be shown. If you like it, safe the score. Each time length has own scoreboard of the fastest players.

Web version of Second Click